SaaS - Data Platform

If you think to become a good Software Engineer means being a good thinker. But to become a master means willing to learn new challenges and improving the way we think.. Right? I think it’s applicable for any field of work. Because recently I tried out some unique dishes and it ended up really well! 😊. My wife and little princess 👼 liked it alot and approved it 💯

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Wedding-style Chicken Biryani

At a certain point, the things that get in the way help to improve problem solving skills. Basically when something is actually happening in our mind we should engage with the problem to find the root cause of it to fix it permanently.

If I look at my journey my love toward solving problems is gradually expanding. I started as Desktop application developer; then moved to full stack developer and ended up settling down at big data and data science. I think probably you all might have guessed it based on my last two articles.

Yes!, SRE (DevOps) is becoming one of my interest areas for quite some time now.

Site reliability engineering (SRE) was born at Google in 2003, prior to the DevOps movement, when the first team of software engineers was tasked to make Google’s already large-scale sites more reliable, efficient, and scalable.

In my current workplace - Circles.Life we are creating SaaS (Software as a Service) products and for some time focusing on building SaaS-Data Platform. To achieve it we need to focus on two key important things.

  1. Single Code Base - It will out-of-the-box support high configuration to deliver multiple launches
  2. Automate End-to-End - It will include infrastructure creation, delete, update and deploy applications

Folks on big data & data science teams current reaction will be:

“Dude, how can we do it? Because, There are so many tools and applications to build a futuristic data platform”

Yes! I know I was in the state for almost 3 months. But after getting to know about DevOps and the tools took me to a different type of world. Starting to love the journey to automate end-to-end Data Platform. If you have a good understanding about big data and data science tools with DevOps magic wands we will be able to automate it with one button click!


I have already started posting a few items on DevOps work with Data Platform and stay tuned for more interesting posts.

PS: As new parents just puts your whole world into perspective. Everything else just disappears 😫. But I will try to find some time to share the knowledge.