Trino - Popular Distributed Interactive Query Engine

Trino(formerly PrestoSQL) is a popular distributed interactive query engine in data platform. Trino can be used as a fast query engine.

As a data platform component, Trino is becoming one of my favorite components. Here I am going to show you the way to deploy/explore trino in your local machine.

You can find a simplified diagram of how trino is integrated with the data platform.


This tool can enric Data fabric architecture and Data mesh architecture.

The project is built and deployed using docker. It has simply 3 module trino-base where you will find the base image and two important components for trino.

  1. trino-coordinator
  2. trino-worker

To get more detail deployment steps please refere to this README file.

Thanks to Trino where we can have one query engine and write federated query 🔥 to communicate with different data sources 🤯


Trino POC: Trino