Life is a Journey

Most of them not know me, but I’ve written this article specifically for you. Yes, you. I know you’re feeling pretty down right now and that current situation makes the world seem like full of misery.

Friends who knows me would sound like,

“Common man this supposed to be a TECH blog, what are all these scrap?”


“Hold on guys! Its Year end, I can take one more step to make another mistake and learn from it :P”

Hey there, don’t worry this blog always will be about tech information and I just want to share this years’ experience which I learned from 2017.

Sharing is Caring

Most of us will always have great plans in the beginning of the year but after couple of months including me they will forget the plan and act based on reflection on your past days. It will become kind of feedback loop at the year-end and you will realise all the mistakes and freak out.


I’m not here to tell you next year you can plan again and achieve it and that everything is going to be okay – you already know that. But despite knowing it, you still feel doubtful about it. I was always in an impression; I was able handle all the pressure but just realised within last 3 weeks what I faced was terrible. I was so patient and handling work life and family but some actions can end with biggest disaster.

My dear friends, but always don’t lose your hope. Experience matters because always keep in mind,

“Life is a Journey, Not a Destination”

Happy New Year 2018 ..