Interest Towards Data Science and Lessons Learnt

It’s been a long time I shared some valuable information. Because half-year in 2016, I was spending long time assertively building myself to fill my gaps to work on some very interesting projects.

Being in IT field there are numerous areas and opportunities to work. Having almost one-time experience in most of the areas nothing interested me like working with data. Actually, the interest was started in mid 2015 and I wrote a first article on “Learn about Big Data”. After reading so many blogs and articles I ended in one image. The Figure 1 shows the skill sets that you need to work on Data Science field. I fear a lot looking at Big Data and Data Science.

Figure 1: Skills for a Data Science (Image from a another source)

“Of Course who will not get scared when they look at this Venn Diagram :P”

I always believe technology, should give us superpowers and the data is the soul of everything, so thought of let’s give it a try.

It is still not an easy journey, every day we learn new things from everywhere. But when I look back from mid 2016 up to now it surprises me that I didn’t know much stuff back in that time. It’s all matter of identifying your weaknesses and try hard to overcome it. The moment you can identify your weaknesses believe me you’re going in the correct path. Many people will have their own different goals. But I like to put it in a different way,

Fix your goals as what you really like to do and “makes you happy”

In year 2016, spoke to lot of professionals and students about goals and being happy in what they are doing. Most of them are still confused about it. I believe, it is a good sign because I always have it in my self too.

The confusion helps to open up the untouched energy in your brain and before taking a decision you would consider lots of factors. But then decisions can go wrong, it is up to you to overcome and work towards the next steps.

The current situation is different. The growth of technology has brought everything to our door steps. If you think to learn new stuffs in your field, there are plenty and more resources available out there in internet and it is in our hand to find all our diamonds.

Later if you realise what you really actually want to do in your life, My dear friends just don’t think you’re too late. Take that day as your start date and work hard on them and results will follow you.

“Life is about growing and improving and getting better”

Happy New Year 2017 ..