Research that took me to Langkawi island

A Research allows a student to dig in to a particular subject based on his/ her interest, analyze existing things, learn new things, develop problem solving skill, come up with new solutions and challenge them self in new creative ways. Informatics Institute of Technology affiliated with University of Westminster gave me such an opportunity to carry out a one year research project where my topic was “Build-IT - An Interactive Web Application for 3D Construction, Interior & Exterior Design” under the supervision of Ms. Udayangi and guidance of Ms. Naomi. It was a big challenge to successfully complete the project along with other final year modules where I finally came up with Build-IT system. My research did not stop at the degree program level, but opened a way towards the conference which is a platform for students to share what they have gained during their research and develop knowledge on different aspects.

I’m glad to state that my thesis got accepted for the “IEEE Conference 2014 - 5th International Conference on Intelligent Systems, Modeling and Simulation (ISMS)” held in Langkawi, Malaysia from 27th-29th January 2014. The Conference took place at the Sheraton Langkawi Beach Resort and it was a great experience to present my research paper in front of a large audience. The Conference was well organized with so many interesting seminars and discussions on various research topics during the first two days where most of them were initiated by several PhD students, Doctors and Professors. As a graduate I was very much privileged to stand as one in the mid great people and listen to all those excellent work on their respective arenas. The Conference dinner was also an awesome experience of fine dining beside the stunning lovely Langkawi beach, live entertainment with dancing and networking with all other international participants. The conference concluded with the fun filled tour around the Langakawi island on the third day.

In the mean time, the General Chair, Professor David Al-Dabass requested for volunteers to chair and co chair the sessions where myself and my IIT batch mates (Manoujitha and Thejanee) luckily got selected. I chaired a session along with Thejanee on “ Image, Speech and Signal Processing” where we reviewed and gave our own point of views on their research areas. It was our first ever experience to present in front of a large audience at a conference hall. Attending a conference was very much challenging along with our job, but we really enjoyed and gained a lot of knowledge and experience In front of all the doctors and professors we were also treated at the same level and we were able to make contacts with them. It was a great opportunity and I not only gained at the academic level, but also explored and enjoyed the beauty of Langkawi. It was a life time opportunity that inspired and motivated me to succeed in my career and carry out more interesting researches after attending to the conference.

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Fifth International conference on Intelligent Systems, Modelling and Simulation ( Langkawi, Malaysia, 27 – 29 January 2014 Sheraton Hotel, Langkawi, Malaysia