Refelction on 2023 🚀

The end of a year is the beginning of another new journey with exciting plans. It’s been a great year with lots of learning that always leads to reflection and plans for the coming year.

Friends/subscribers of my blog know the whole journey of our Data Platform-in-a-Box. Personally, it has changed my perspective on how I look at Data Platform/Data Team back in 2021: Read More.

It used to be a BIG mammoth and now it’s tied up to a SMALL box 😀

Transition journey

Never thought building and operating a Data Platform will become sweet as pie. The key secret of success is stepping out of your comfort zone, which means learning new things, meeting new people, seeing new places, and trying new experiences.

Most importantly keep consistent on the following,

  1. Keep your bars higher…
  2. Incrementally move the bars to higher…

Achieving all your aspirational goals is always not an easy thing. It’s a lifelong journey. The journey will be a bumpy ride, keep breaking all the obstacles/mountains to climb the next mountain. But always remember to celebrate the small victories.

Next year 2024, is going to be a transaction journey to Data & AI in a box.

Data & AI Transition / Data & AI in-a-Box

I will keep sharing the journey with Data & AI in-a-box. Keep following and follow my github profile to get notified on all the new projects.

Stay Tuned!

I can’t wait to crush 2024 together… cheers! 🍺