Life with Angular.js

Web technology is rapidly growing, and one of the popular and muttered word by web developers is “SPA”. Single Page Applications (SPA) is built on expanding reach via the browser, reducing round tripping, and enhancing User Experience (UX) and SPA is also known as single-page interface. I got to know about this spectacular technology from John Papa, one of my inspiring developer and a technology expert who is Evangelist for Microsoft.

As technology lover, was so curious and wondering how we can implement to achieve the SPA. Using Angular.js, an open source JavaScript framework have been developed that enable and gives an extreme freedom to client-side developers to build powerful SPA. This framework uses Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture, data binding, client-side templates and dependency injection to create a much-needed structure for building web apps.

Developers use third party tools when it helps them to get their job done faster and more elegantly. Including me most of them try out with different libraries. One of the success story was building a SPA using Angular in a project and it was a lifesaver. The framework has great values, in overall we can say it reduces the amount of code that we have to write, more structured and added some “sugar” to our classic web applications. Tried with Angular framework and I’m very excited about the results I achieved. Even though their documentation was poor it really helped to understand about this fabulous framework. All credit goes to the open source community around Angular who do a fantastic job supporting each other and they taught me many things.

The framework has been built in a way where it can be extend in different area on angular independent modules such as directives. After properly understanding the frameworks throughout the development, faced lots of angular issue where we can easily manipulate and do lots of innovative work-around solutions. To speed up the development time and to complete different features, it was a situation where we need to depend on several other frameworks such as Jquery. It is important to highlight Angular framework works very smoothly with Jquery framework. The framework gave the freedom to innovatively code and to seamlessly bind data in between these framework. Throughout the development solved lots of problem in UI and as well features wise with the help of Angular framework.

If you want my opinion though, I assure and will guarantee on Angular.js framework. It would be easy to reject the framework due to the complexity level but once the developers have a basic idea of the framework it will be platform where it leads to build rich client-side applications very effectively in a short time period.

Learning Guide


AngularJs by Brand Green & Sbyam Sesbahri Book helped me to learn and to understand in depth on Angular.js. If you follow the book and start to code, end of the book chapter you will realize, that you have developed a shopping cart application ☺. Trust me, I put my faith on this book and it didn’t fail me ☺.